Monday, May 28, 2007

It was just another night, with the sunset and the moon rise not so far behind

A transformation has occured. No, I'm not talking about Britney from adorable teenage pop princess to skanky white trashy person, that happened a long time ago. I'm talking about moi. As in me in french. Not that this has anything to do with french. I'm sorry i'm high on this nail nailvarnish from OPI
no I haven't been sniffing it, I tried my hand at a home manicure this morning, and it went pretty well.
Today was basically a day of detox for me. I exfoliated in the shower (oh my god it was painful. like rubbing sandpaper on my limbs.) and died my hair using henna.
I was going to post up pictures but then I realised I don't have a digital camera so just try and imagine a small, 19 year old asian girl with dark dark dark brown hair and painful looking arms. It was the exfoliation, I took it a bit too far.
So I was flicking through all my old ELLEgirl magazines to find some cool eye makeup ideas seeing as it wasn't exactly sunny today (um, it was kind of torrential) and I decided to wear some false eyelashes that I had glued beads to (you can't see the glue, don't worry) and this sheer lipstick from Stila
If you can't tell already, I only wear glamourous clothes, but I guess I started dressing down a little when I was with CIB, but now I'm back with bang and getting back into pencil skirts because it's the last time I'll be able to wear them before summer begins, so I wore my extremely tight kind of lycra-fied american apparel pencil skirt with these incredible socks from Eley Kishimoto (I deserve to splurge, I'm going through a bad break up),a plain white blouse with the cuffs turned up that I tucked into my skirt and a trench coat for the rain. It looks like a proper sherlock holmes coat, but I got it for £15 pounds at Rokit, And lasy but not least, some good old fashioned 5 inch heels from shelley's.

and I got all dressed up to go out to.... Marks and Spencer's to do the weekly shop.

What? I like dressing up.
Plus it's a good start for me, I was almost getting used to wallowing in my own self pity and I want to get on with my life. I'm thinking of getting a new job and training at an art school or something like that. I'll have to raise a lot of money but I'm willing to do so, I haven't got anything else on with my life at the moment.
pops and CIB update: CIB seems to have just vanished off the face of the earth, and good riddance, Pops and I had a good sit down chat last night and talked everything out. She seems really sorry but I still can't believe she would do such a thing. It's going to take a lot from her to get me to forgive her and think of her as a friend again, I don't think we'll ever be as close as we were before. I would type out the conversation but I think it's a bit harsh on her, some things are meant to be kept to yourself.


Emma said...

Is it possible that we are related in the mind? Because I LOVE getting all dressed for no reason. The other day I put on my lovely dark blue silk cocktail dress, vintage brooch, funky blue pumps and pale blue shimmery, to go to the Korean deli.
But it was FUN.
I'm glad you and Pops talked and that maybe seems to be a tiny bit better for you. :^)

Robin said...

Those socks are Amazing. Wow.

And, you haven't seen Grindhouse?

Anonymous said...

yay holly! you're making a good start :) your outfit sounds very cute and unique, i wouldn't think of pairing those things together, but i definitely should be more open for the future cuz that combo sounds awesome! pencil skirts are pretty damn sexy too ;) and hey even if you're being a bit frivilous with where you chose to dressup, if it makes you feel confident on some level, then what the hell! it's a small step, but it's better than nothing. i love dressingup too, all girls should!

im glad to hear pops apologized, but i am also glad to hear you're not giving in that easily. that way she definitely learns that she can't walk all over you, but i do hope things patch up in the end.

let us know about the new job! good luck! hey maybe CIB will turn out to be a good thing in the end, in terms, of how much you change...

the lipstick lady said...

haha we can just stay up late and use blogger as a weird kind of IM service.
i covet those socks, they complete my life. And I'm happy that things are kind of sort of maybe moving along with pops and those shinanangans (how do you SPELL THAT??), get to bed at a decent time, young lady

-ciao bella- said...

haha fab outfit. and i absolutely adore those socks. they are absolutely amazing.

discothequechic said...

yayy I'm pleased that you seem to be better! The outfit sounds great, haha Marks and Spencers!

I remember that beauty piece in ELLEgirl, they always had really cool ideas for eye make up. Kind of crazy, like when they used a toy rubber tyre to create a kind of mottled effect below the eyebrows...hmm kind fo hard to explain but cool.

Anyway...I'm rambling.

I like reading your blog, this post was like one of those montage scenes you get in films when everything is coming together again. yay! ha..

S xx

maya said...

i love UK ellegirl!!!
i have a whole collection at home. i remember the false eyelashes one. ohhh, i love them so much.

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love getting all dressed up for no reason it puts me in a brilliant mood...always.

molly said...

im glad pops and you are at least speaking to each other now
but i definitely understand how things could never be the same again

your outfit sounds fantastic!

-S said...

oh, how i love nailpolish. and welcome back!

sarissa said...

i';m glad its going a little better, love the post, i think the worlds got makeup fever atm lol i should really start stackin up chanel-wise! anyway, i just thought i'd say OMG because more people aside from me keep their old ellegirls- WHY did it have to GO? I love them , they are my treasures, I loved my british and the american one.. i wish it still existed but oh well, teenvogue has more than replaced it.. am i a traitor? oh well. i love fashion mags. and your blog. wanna trade links? sarissa x

alluretone said...

i love getting dressed up for no reason too, it's fun and fab!

Alison said...

I get dressed up and put make-up to stay home ALL THE TIME
don't ask me why.
I just do.
lurvely post

Anonymous said...

hi holly! i just tagged you for the 7 things...survey! Check my blog out for full details.

Emma said...

I LOVE ROKIT VINTAGE. I was just re-skimming this post and I saw that you got your trench there and I went there once on a trip to London and LURVED it. I am so jealous that you get to go there all the time!

celina said...

Wow! lovely lipstick colour.

Chelsamajiggy said...

Dressing up helps.
It's one of those things we did as children (or at least, I did. Please someone back me up? You leaving me hanging? Okay, then) and it just makes us feel confident and, you know, adds the ultimate oomph.

And you're from England ...?

Yeah, my family's all English, expect for the sister, one cousin (of probably twenty billion, only 2% of which I have met), and my pet dog, which is French ... I think.

Oh, and myself.

How selfless of me, lol.

Anyway, yes, I like your blog a lot. I stumbled upon it today. I stumble upon every blog nowadays, though, so that's to be expected.

Anyway, keep writing. I like it all very much.

P.S.: Tell CIB he's an assface. Yes, once you tell him, I believe that is a direct quote...?

Gloria said...

whoa those shoes are cute.

Moose on the Loose said...

In my eyes, there isn't anything quite as fun as dressing to the nines for no apparent reason-except making myself feel better than everyone else at the social occasion I am attending.

Like your blog... care to trade links?

Sister Libby said...

I'm in love with your socks.