Sunday, May 13, 2007

oh look what you've done, you've made a fool of everyone

How to start a post so full of drama! I know, I'll start by saying that my Phish Food eating record has slowed down to a measly 3 minutes per tub, but I'm practising. believe me, I'm practising...
I think I should do this quick and painful, like ripping off a plaster (you know, I've never actually had that much pain from plasters, maybe it's a british thing?), but on second thoughts, I'm going to drag it out and make it as painful for you as it was for me because that's the only way to make a post out of it!

CIB and I were serious up until a week ago, when we broke up. I would never have even thought that we would break it off so soon, but CIB obviously had other plans.
Everything was going really great (according to me, at least), we would take turns going to each others flats, he would surprise me after a long day of work with some thai buffet, candles and flowers, we took a trip to the lake district together over one weekend! Towards the end of last month, about a week before he broke up with me, he 'got really swamped at work', and Eva (do you remember her! Wow, it's been so long!) and I became close like we were when we were mere 14 year olds, while Pops and I grew apart. She became really irritable around me and she would always scoff when CIB and I ever had any PDA moments while she was around, so I kind of ignored all her negative behaviour while CIB and I were getting serious and Eves and I were going out together.
One night, Eves, Pops and I were supposed to go out for drinks in Camden so Pops and I could do some bonding, but she felt really ill, so it was just Eves and I. About an hour into hour night, my feet absolutely killed, so after a gruelling half hour waiting for/being on the tube to get home, I come home to see Pops lying on the couch. No, she wasn't dead, something much worse.
CIB was on top of her.
And they were kissing.
On the sofa.

Jesus, I really... I'm not really sure how to say this. It's been really hard for me, I mean, Pops was my best friend. And I had no idea that CIB was doing thigns with other girls, let alone my best friend. What kind of boyfriend does that???

This all happened... 10 days, 2 hours and a half ago.
I haven't talked to Pops since. I can't even look at her, we're flatmates so I'm not just doing it for dramatic affect, I really find it hard to wake up at 8 in the morning and walk into your kitchen in your underpants to see your best friend... or whatever she is now standing there in her underpants making tea. It doesn't hit me at first, and then I realise that CIB has probably seen her in her underpants as well, my ex-boyfriend saw her in her underpants while he was still my boyfriend, and she thinks she can just walk around and make tea and read magazines and go to work every day like nothing has happened?? I dont see or hear her apologising to me, which just makes it even worse. I know her, and I know that she does this. She doesn't talk, she hates confrontation, but how can you do that? Just ignore me? I'm the one doing the ignoring, what the fuck is wrong with her??

Basically, I've called sick from work for the next week, so I'll be in the flat at all times, and because of this, I've bought some provisions-

about 3 pairs of these silly overpriced sweatpants from American Apparell (I'm also adding pictures so you can just soak up all that's just been said. Usually I dont do pictures, I've only ever done one post with pictures of clothes, and the rest are all food pictures. Mmm... food)

about 5 tubs of Phish Food ice cream- what else?

pretty much every fashion and gossip magazine I could find at the magazine stall around the corner, because when I'm not crying or eating, I've got to find something to occupy me so I dont cry or... eat

Movies! of course Sainsbury's had some silly '£3 for 4 movies' thing going on, so I bought...
emplyee of the month (I couldn't help myself, it was on sale!)

the baz luhrman romeo and juliet, finally! I've been meaning to buy that for months now

the notebook, of course!

and moulin rouge, but there will be more movie buying to come, I assure you

I also bought some wifebeaters from AA, just because £22 really is a small price to pay for a bit of stringy ribbed fabric to complete my whole slob look

Now, I know myself like.... i cant think of a funny thing to put here so instead I'll just say that I know myself, and for half this week I'm going to be slobbing around crying and being fat, and for the other half I'm going to be trying to get slim and sexy and cleaning up a bit, so I've made a handy dandy shopping list for when that time comes, I thought I'd share it with you...

heels, lots of them. I still have this £100 voucher from shelly's- which is literally opposite the U.O, so that means about a 40 second walk from the flat, so people will only see me in my horrible, stained wifebeater wearing state for around that time until I make it into the shelter of Shelly's... I guess I'll have to avoid Pops though

a new purse! It's summer so I think I might get me one of those see-through baggies, they have some really cute ones in Nine West right now I think

that fake tan cum moisturiser thing
a whole bunch of body shop products, namely- shampoo, conditioner, henna for my hair (I'm going to try dark brown and I want to do it naturally), body wash, a loofa, sun screen, some more lip balm

shorts galore! I really need me some cute denim shorts from miss sixty, and there are some v. v. nice city-ish shorts in the U.O that I can get with my staff discount (yay!)

cute rain mac thing. rain mac is the ugly word for it... I want something waterproof. In jacket form
basically a lot of summer clothes

flip flops

a new pair of jeans (wow, this list is getting bigger than I originally thought)
a hair cut, I'm so bored with this shoulder length straight-ness right now
a manicure and pedicure

and that's it I think!

I'll probably post again tomorrow, maybe a bit later, you know, if I find the time between eating half my body weight in ice cream and crying out half my body weight in tears... oooh, then I'd weigh zero stone! sounds appealing...
Anyway, until then, bye my lovelies!


maya said...

Oh. i dont know what to say. i'm so so so sorry that CIB turned out to be such a loser, and i know this is clichéd but you're obviously way too good for him. buy loads of shoes and make yourself feel better.
i have know idea what you should do about Pops (im not that good on advice) but i think you should try not to lose her. you guys were obviously really close and have been friends for so so long so it seems such a waste to let a boy come between you. on the other hand, she has to see the error of her ways to be able to apologise meaningfully, so maybe you should sit her down and explain to her exactly how you feel. if she's a good person (which i'm sure she probably is deep down, otherwise why would you have been friends with her for all htese years?) she'll come to her sences eventually.
feel better

the lipstick lady said...




holly, I am actually speechless. WHAT A BITCH. How could anyone do that to their best friend?? You definately deserve these days off, use them wisely- do face packs and go out jogging, show pops AND CIB that they've both made GRAVE mistakes.
i really hope everything turns out alright and that Pops comes to her senses and grovles relentlessly and that CIB burns in hell and that you find yourself I better man than CIB ever was.

feel better soon! (and keep posting)

alluretone said...

totally unexpected, i can't believe CIB turned out to be such a worthless jerk. and i can't believe that bitch doesn't even have the guts or a heart to apologize to you. i don't know how you can deal with this, if i had to live in a flat with someone like that i would explode. i hope you're okay!

Emma said...

wow, long and FANTASTIC POST. phish food= love.

i'm so sorry about you and your boyfriend and friend. i know from experience how HORRIBLE that is. i know this isn't helpful at all, but honestly neither of them deserve you if they treat you like that and eventually you WILL feel better. for now, throw yourself into awesome shopping, movies and writing this amazing blog!

Anonymous said...

i am so sorry

god that sounds very cleshe and unhelpful

but i've never been in your situation, so i can't exactly say what i did under the circumstances

i don't necessarily agree with maya though. i think your friendship is basically over (she stole your bf and has nothing to say for it !), but before you both storm out, you need to talk to her, since she isn't big enough to do it first. as painful as it is, you need to find out wtf happened, how long this has been going on, and why why why. unless she sincerely apologizes and promises to never see CIB (who i think should be renamed to cute indie bastard) again, forget her. because you WILL feel better again, and make them feel sorry for what they did to you. you WILL find a guy that deserves you and treats you right, because as perfect as CIB seemed (and omg, it really did seem perfect, while you were dating :) there is someone better out there i swear. hey, in the end, live and learn, right?

for now though cheesy movies and ice cream is the way to go! hehe

hey i still wanna know about apg! love the blog, so keep posting no matter what happens. i hope it's cathartic for you too :)

Anonymous said...

I'm very very sorry thinks took a turn for thw worse with CIB that little prick.
Phish Food cures everything, so there is hope.
New clothes are always a good thing 9especially from U.O. and American Apparel.

And new hair cuts = beats anything!!!!
only 5 more weeks till the official first day of summer!!!!!

Robin said...

I had a housemate similar... luckily, I only had 2 weeks left in the lease when I found out about her. I didn't bother explaining to mine how human beings are supposed to act.

Your situation blows, but Romeo and Juliet is pretty wonderful...

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i can't belive CIB and pops could do that??? i love that Romeo and Juliet film.... The Urban Outfitter shoes in my post are from the UK website cos i live in the UK. Go onto the website and you will see them. I am so Glad you are back!!

Meg said...

I can't even imagine how horrid it must be to lose your best friend and your boyfriend at the same time, but I imagine it must be totally shit.
I am completely impressed by how you've kept your pride and dignity even though you were so severely screwed over. I'd be a bitter bitch but the fact that you're looking to the future is pretty cool beans lady! =)

molly said...

oh my god!!! i didnt see THAT coming!! its like a soap opera...
oh i dont even know what to say
thats so horrible

welll...does pops have a blog and tons of loyal readers?
i dont think so

discothequechic said...

wow, I don't think I've ever read this blog before, so I don't really know anything about CIB or Pops, but post just had me completely engrossed and I've got to say I'm so sorry that you were treated so badly!

I think I would have chucked your flatmate uot If I were you, so I admire your patience!

But really, If she doesn't apologize, she needs to go!

Like Lipstick Lady said, you should go for lots of jogs, it will make you feel so great and hopefully you can walltz aruond your flat looking and feeling fantastic and having Pops feel like the twat that she is.


S xx