Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Sorry I haven't been posting for a bit, you might have heard that we (Pops, eve and I) are under threat of being evicted due to lack of money.
So, I decided to take another job... At McDonalds. I'm doing the night shift there, from 11pm to 3am, so now when I get back from day job (urban outfitters) at 6pm, I have some dinner (frozen peas and whatever's in fridge usually does the trick) and then go straight to bed, wake up at 10:30, run off to mcd's (hair net et al) and when I get back, do some serious facial treatment (you don't know how much the grease can wreak havoc on your skin) and go straight back to bed and wake up at 7:30.
This leaves me absolutely no time for dates with CIB, but I've 'got a cold coming on' so when I'm not at U.O (urban outfitters) then I'll be with CIB, snuggled up on the couch watching movies with Phish Food. I've yet to show him my phish food eating talents, though.
Pops is taking a cleaning job at Shelly's (where she works in the day, so she gets fabulous discounts on shoes, such as these red patent ones I'm wearing now) to help pay for the rent, and Eve can't really do anything more, she works in the Apple Market in Be never too busy to be beautiful and she's up there non-stop doing whatever the senior people want with her.
all in all, we haven't seen eachother in forever and we've planned a big girls night in this Saturday (I know! it's so far away!) and we're stocking up on-
*cosmopolitan mags
*ice cream
*nail polish, face packs, makeup etc
*chick flicks- the notebook, legally blonde, you know the drill
* jim-jams (supplied by me, the wonderful urban outfitters discount girl)
and of course hair products, who could forget that. Pops' mum owns a hair salon so Pops learned how to do hair really well, we get free cuts from her (see, we're very thrifty, I don't know why we don't have enough money for this whole rent thing) and she can style it all pretty, so she'll be doing that, Eve will be doing makeup and I will be doing drinks. I make the best Ice Cream milkshakes.
Sigh, saturday is so far away, and I haven't seen CIB in FORVER. who knows, maybe he's snogging some fit indie girl as I type. let's not think about that.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oh god, the last couple of days have a been a complete nightmare. It started on friday morning when we got a knock on the door at 8 am. I was the only one in, as Pops and Evie had both just left that minute for some retail therapy.
So, I answered the door and it was our landlord. My first thought was that he had had more complaints about 'sexual noises' coming from our flat. I was just about to tell him quite blatantly that none of us has had a boy back for the last month or so (not strictly true, but whatever) , when he dropped a bombshell. He said that if within a week we don't give him all the rent that's been building up over the past couple of months then we would get evicted.
we are so fucking screwed.
I'm not even kidding. Pops and Evie are already working full time (friday was an exception, Pops had just broken up with her boyfriend she needed shoes) and overtime sometimes, and I'm at my wits end with this stupid job where I get paid hardly over the minimum wage and I'm trying to take night school but I couldn't do it with more than 3 hours of sleep a night so I quit.
wow, I'm sorry.
I'm just pretty stressed out right now.
we totally don't have the money for this.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Phish Food, not Fish Food

I've come to realise that a lot of people don't actually know what Phish Food ice cream is! (Yes, I spelt it 'Phish PHood' in the last post, but i've realised my errors now)
Some think that it is in fact a tub of fish food, others refuse to accept it's existence.
I'm here to tell you about Phish Phood, and why it's brilliant.
To your left you will see exhibit a) The ice cream.

Below this peice of text you will see exhibit b) The description

(fron the Ben and Jerry's website itself!) 'Chocolate ice cream with marshmellow, caramel swirls and fish shaped chocolate chunks'.

I admit, I need to go on a rant about the brilliance of phish food, and I'm going to fulfill that urge.

I remeber discovering Phish Food 2 years ago, in my alcoholic state. It was summer, I was at Eve's house (we didn't know Pop's back then) and we had just drunk two bottles of pimms without the lemonade, and we felt like having a substantial snack. so we raided her freezer, ate some frozen pees and saw the tub of Phish Food. Clearly neglected, it was a month past it's sell by date and the plastic thing around the top of the tub (I'm making a lot of this up, I was too drunk to remember what exactly happened, but give me some artistic liscence. this is a blog, for christ's sake.), so we took some spoons (two, to be precise) and dug in.

We ate the whole tub in a tree in her back garden (I remember that), and I had such bad brain freeze mixed with drunkness that I fell off into a pile of stinging nettles (I also remembered that. who wouldn't?).

I'll never forget that day. It's now my favourite ice cream, and like I said before, I can eat a whole tub in 2 minutes and 29 seconds exactly. I haven't done it in a while, my time might be slower. I'll have to go out and get some ice cream and a stop watch, I'll update you with the times every once ina while.

On with the show.

You're probably wondering where CIB (cute indie boy, god, has it been that long that you can't even remember?) has gone, well he hasn't gone far, I've got him wrapped around my little finger.

We've even gone out to dinner! Which I take as a good thing. we went to Carluccios and he had the chicken and lemon risotto, I had the mushroom pasta and we shared a bottle of wine. and went out for drinks afterwards. and then he stayed at mine. Don't worry, we didn't get anywhere past 2nd base, and we haven't. It's only been a week. God, I'm not that much of a skank.

I might ot be posting for a while after this, I'm having a bit of a crisis with the flat, we might get evicted if we're not careful. So, yeah.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

fill in the blanks

I have been tagged by quite a few people to do this new-fangled explaining yourself in 5 bullet points, etc, so here it goes...

1. I reached my grade 8 piano with all my grades being high distinction

2. I was in rehab last year (SHOCK! HORROR!) for alcoholism, but that's gone away now. (I can't actually believe that I jsut wrote that for loads of people to read!)

3. I can't stand the band 'The Feeling'. I just can't stand them.

4. I can eat a whole tub of phish phood ice cream in 2 minutes and 29 seconds exactly. (that is impressive, admit it)

5. I measure up to be a miniscule 5ft and 4 inches.

Now I would like to tag Flashy Shades and Dusk&Summer (if you haven't already been tagged, that is)!

Monday, January 22, 2007

you might want to pick up that tweenies album

I went back to the store that sells the Vivienne Westwood shoes, and they had no more in my size. HOW INCREDIBLY ANNOYING.
i just read on www.lipsticklady.blogspot.com that she just purchased some nice vivienne's, but those aren't the same as the ones I wanted.
I'm going back to the shop tomorrow to see if they have them in stock. and sales are about to end so they might be getting rid of them!!!
or lowering the price.
I can't get a picture of them because net-a-porter doesn't seem to have anything Vivienne Westwood (apart from Anglomania), and google images isn't helping either.
I'm so annoyed about this!
anyway, some of you have been asking what the whole business with my parents is about. well, my parents and i aren't really on good terms.
to be honest with you, i got kicked out of my house when school finished, and then to really piss my mum off i went to Hanoi to visit my Grandmother, who my mum hasn't seen in years.
i didn't do it purposfully, i only found out that my mum and my grandma weren't close until after i got there.
anyway, i came back to London and i was reunited with my two best friends, pops (polly) and evie/eves (eva), and we moved in together in covent garden and i don't really know what I'm doing with my life.
apart from this blog.
My parents called me and told me they had some tapes from when i was a kid if i wanted them back. yeah, i could do with that thunderbirds tape.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

date at the fly was, i'm happy to say, a success.

cute indie boy looked especially cute wearing kind-of-skinny cords, a Strokes T and his sexy glasses.

Kate Nash turned out to be a bit shit, she was DJ-ing and is just too indie for her own good, and there were some other DJ sets, but nobody danced so we just went back to my place and i wowed him with the skills i picked up at bartending school. (It's true! last summer i did a bartending course on my gap year that lead me to no university, and i can make whatever cocktail you please)

i made myself a mojito and i got him a beer, thankfully eves and pops made up and went out to the pub together which gave me some alone time with cute indie boy.

we started talking, and it turns out he works for a record company called 'fierce panda'! cool, eh?

he says he mainly scouts for new bands and then he does paperwork, but it sounds WAY better than my bum of a job.

anyway he left at around midnight, and i've got myself another date on wednesday!

in other news, i'vr finally saved up enough money to buy myself some vivenne westwood shoes that are actually on sale (more money for me to spend on useless crap!), so that's quite exciting. i'll wear them on my date with C.I.B (cute indie boy), maybe i'll be less than a foot shorter than him this time.

or is it more than a foot shorter? i don't know, i didn't go to uni.

what else has been going on this weekend...

ooh, call from the rents (parents)- they say that there's a bunch of CD's back at the house that i should pick up, it's the first time they've contacted me in a year. should i feel happy? i don't.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Caroline's a victim

Thanks for all your suggestions on gig wear (i just figured out that Kate Nash is playing there!). I decided to go for a casual, girlie look to contrast with everyone else that's there.

I bought this dress from Urban Outfitters:

£24.99 but i got for but i got it for £17.49 (staff discount baby!)
I'm going to wear it with some ribbed tights, a long sleeved t-shirt (underneath) and I'm wearing these earrings from Tatty Devine with it:

Anyway, moving away from clothes, Pops and Evie are in a fight, and they're using me as a pipeline to talk to eachother, because they are stupid. It's quite immature. They are fighting because Pops put a red and white top in ith the whites and now all of Evie's smalls are marshmallow coloured, But I quite like having pink underwear.
That's all for now, wish me good luck for the gig!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cute Indie boy to the rescue!

So, I got back form work about half an hour ago. I usually stay until around 5.30 but today because of the wind etc. I had to stay longer. The wind is ridiculous, my friend told me that a tree has blown down in Highgate and squashed three cars! It's scary!
Anyway, I worked the shop floor today, which was an interesting experience. Actually, that's a lie. It was pretty boring, apart from one thing; I've got myself a date! A cute indie guy came into the shop and started chatting me up almost immediately, he was so cute. He's taller than me (well that's not exactly hard, i'm tiny) and I can just tell that he has a really good body. He was also very flirty, which I think is always a good thing. So he's asked me to go to Barfly with him on Saturday night. Some band's plaingthere apparently. Oh god, what am i going to wear? Any suggestions?
Yeah, so me and poloshirt guy are definately 100% over. He called me today and tried to make me feel like I had ruined our whole 'relationship' (his words not mine). Well, I wasn't having it. I told him to piss off and put the phone down on him. And you know what? I don't feel guilty at all.

just a quick news flash, folks

oh my god! i don't know how many of you guys live in london, but right now it's almost gail force winds!
i have to do this quickly because i'm supposed to be emailing our manager on the company computer, but i have to stay on a longer shift today because i live just around the corner from here and some of our staff will have- 'dangerous journeys home' because of all of the trees falling down!
i might even be working the shop floor... which would be interesting!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

take your abercrombie shirt and GO

polo shirt guy came round the flat this morning with a bunch of roses.
he keeps calling me sugar. do i look like a packet of sugar? Or maybe he's forgotten my name. it's Holly. say it with me now. HOLL-Y. that's a good boy.
I was kind of speetchless for a while, seeing as, a) I was wearing just a towel and hadn't put any makeup on, and b) polo shirt guy did tell me on our first date that he wasn't a very romantic bloke. I ushered him in quickly and tried to shut him up because pops and evie are always listening.
He's got such a deep voice anyway that they would be put to sleep by it the second they heard him.
he asked if i was free, and i saw him trying to fit the roses into a starbucks mug (he's not the brightest spark...), but i told him I had to work and he tried to kiss me, but i pushed him away and told him to piss off, which wasn't too good a move.
I suppose it isn't bad. Dating a fittie with a nice back and a good set of hands, but I really need to work. I already called sick the week before because of mr polo shirt guy, and he wouldn't make me do it again.

work= urban outfitters in covent garden. just a 30 second walk from where I live. It's not all bad, i sit around in the stock room labeling stuff, i get to pick the music sometimes (it always ends up being the cure) and the best part is when we get little kids trying to steal stuff. i get to talk to them about how bad they've been and i usually add in some crap about getting a criminal record just to scare them, etc. it's all in good fun. ehem.

my day was pretty shit, to say the least. oh, and after what i said to polo shirt guy he's gone off in a huff and i think it's just going to be a pub crawl with pops and eve tonight. damn. i haven't been to a party in a while.