Sunday, February 11, 2007

I just don't know what to do with myself

I took molly's advice and attempted whipping CIB into shape last night, to save me from writing anything truly horrific in my confused state, I'll just do the roleplay here.

Me- What happened on that date last time?

CIB- Nothing

Me- Listen, if you don't want to go out with me or you want to go out with someone else then just tell me because I could just be wasting my time on you and I could be doing a lot better.


CIB- Will you be my girlfriend?

Me- What?

CIB- You know, like proper

Me- But you don't like me

CIB- what? of course I like you, I just asked you to be my girlfriend

Me- Oh

cue big sloppy kiss.

I'm so confused, I said yes in the end because I seriously like him, but what about APG?? I know some people said that I should go for him and I was contemplating it, almost hoping that CIB would say, 'no sorry, I don't like you whatsoever, please leave and get yourself another guy'. Ok, that was the crappest sentence on the face of the earth.
Anyway, I just don't know what to doooo. ARGH.
Well, obviously I can't do much cos I'm CIB's girlfriend (Oh gosh, I feel so restricted) now, and what the hell will I tell APG? We're going out for drinks tonight. But just as friends. I should tell him that I'm CIB's girlfriend. But then maybe he'd think that I was assuming that he was interested romantically in me, which I do, but maybe he thought he was being subtle and stuff.
bloody hell.
Going out with CIB wednesday night, I think he's taking me to a roller disco, he did buy me some skates. But maybe he's just weird. I'll let you know how things go with APG.


molly said...

oooh im so sorry my advice backfired!

definitely keep me posted.
im sorry :(

Anonymous said...

"awwwe" and "ohh crap" at the same time is all I can say. CIB can be such a cutey, poor APG :[ But if you dig CIB, what else is there to do? Here comes the corny stuff: follow your heart bud!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry you're having guy issues- at least you do have issues even- my love life is nonexistent. so obviously i cannot give you great advice, but logic and observation tells me that you should go with APG. APG, is not from England, so you probably will not ever see him again if he leaves, so you don't wanna regret this decision. also he seems sweet and cute and clearly like you. then again, i dunno about your situation w/ CIB - if you really like him and can see something good coming out of it- then go with him. but he has been unreliable in the past, so that is something to keep in mind. in the end see which one you feel stronger towards- don't just decide based off of how sweet or how much promise one guy is over the other- like touche19 said (however corny it is) listen to your heart, haha

btw, in your previous entry you did a survey. fyi- IHOP is a US chain which stands for International House of Pancakes. And i know pudding means dessert in general in the UK, however in the US it is a dessert w/ a creamy consistency and most commonly comes in flavors like vanilla, chocolate, or butterscotch. just thought you should know since you were clearly frusturated haha

mareGa said...

Hmmm... sounds like trouble.

molly said...

hmm i think it sounds like your actually not all that into CIB...because you said you were kinda hoping hed just end it.
give APG a shot, i say.

oh lord just dont take my advice. it never works out

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i think u should stay with CIB cos he likes u and he seems really sweet and u would break his heart if u dumped him for APG who isn't from England and will problably leave soon anyways sooo... yeh try it with CIB i say or to be cheesy.. Follow ur heart x